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Devops, quality, security and performance

ADAM and JIRA® : Performance has its pilot

Discover or Rediscover assisted authoring: ADAM 3D Plugin

Technical Writing: history and evolution of the discipline

DITA, S1000D… What if you have to choose?

You've probably already heard of it; you've looked into it: DITA and S1000D are streamlined editorial standards that help you improve the management of the production and distribution of your technical publications (user manuals, maintenance manuals, training manuals, technical-sales offers, etc.).

Documentary engineering: what are we talking about?

In the past, documentation used to be a manual that had to be provided when the equipment was delivered. Today, its format is mainly electronic. As a result, it is now accessible on the Internet and offers greater interactivity with the end customer. The product user has easier access to the information through dynamic queries and filters.

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