Our Expertise at the Service of Your Advice Document Platforms

4D CONCEPT put their expertise in the field of advice documents at their clients’ disposal to ensure the success of their projects involving guidance documents or the implementation of standards and tools. They operate in 3 key areas:

An Expert Opinion on Rules and Standards

Since their inception, 4D CONCEPT have furthered their knowledge on the main document standards currently being used (S1000D, DITA, ATA 2300, ATA iSpec 2200, 2000M, 3000L).

Historically a document publisher, 4D CONCEPT have been using these standards for many years and know every one of their intricacies. This knowledge allows them to support their clients through Qualiopi (Data Dock) certified training and regulatory guidance to help them implement standards, data architecture, etc.

4D CONCEPT is a long-standing member of several organizations that work towards enhanced document standards and is actively involved in all the prominent events in this field.

Business Expertise

4D CONCEPT is now well acquainted with the issues pertaining to maintenance, repair, provisioning, logistical support, and FlightOps, thanks to many years working alongside manufacturers and industrialists.

Technological Expertise

As an innovating force in the field of advice documents, 4D CONCEPT have been researching the best technologies in guidance documents for years. Our experts are structured document pioneers, and our consultants and development teams share a deep mastery of all elements constituting document solutions (XML, XSL, PDF, etc.). They are constantly rethinking the technology they create to adapt it to the ever-changing world of documents.

Mobility, augmented or virtual reality, artificial intelligence, 3D … are now at the very heart of our research so they can become a reality for our clients tomorrow and bring innovative answers to the issues pertaining to security, reliability, and efficiency with regard to systems as well as processes.