ADAM Manager features the most recent user interface and content management technology and provides considerable improvements in terms of productivity. It has never been so easy to use a S1000D or ATA 2300 CSDB to ensure the success of your ASD or ATA 2300 standard-structured documentation projects.

A S1000D / ATA2300 CSDB Dedicated to the Production of Documentation

A cornerstone of the documentation chain, ADAM Manager is particularly well suited to the contexts and standards governing the production of modular documentation. In such contexts, monitoring the validity of Business Rules and maintaining data flows for equipment with a very long lifespan requires optimal control.

ADAM Manager also provides traceability for any modifications made to the documentation, the databases, the configuration, the deliveries, and the translations, along with broad management over the configuration of publications.

ADAM Manager meets all these constraints, as well as ASD requirements.



ADAM Manager was specifically designed to provide those involved in the documentation chain with a solution that is as easy to use as a state-of-the-art web interface. It ensures considerable improvements in terms of productivity thanks to a high level of automation and “1-click” ergonomics designed specifically for their business.

ADAM Manager meets the constraints of international projects and offers multilingual interfaces to roll out your S1000D or ATA 2300 CSDB anywhere in the world.


Create your own documentation plan. With just a few clicks, the entire framework of your project takes shape. Dealing with the regulatory side of things, ADAM Manager only requires your attention for the information it does not already possess: knowledge of the object being documented.

With the help of ADAM Manager, you can easily convert all your documentation content, publications, and technical presentations derived from traditional word processing solutions into standardized content ready to be added to your S1000D or ATA 2300 CSDB. The solution is based on your own business rules translated into BREX and put into action using ADAM Data Checker.


ADAM Manager is an ATA/S1000D content manager available as modules and working off a Windows/Linux/Java/Tomcat server base. The CSDB structure itself as well as access to third-party applications may be configured according to your preference.

ADAM Manager is also available in SaaS mode, hosted by 4D Concept, and in rental mode.

Dedicated Functionalities to Optimize the Production of your Documentation

Other features



ADAM Logistics

Import your 3000L logistics data into your documentation projects


Manage your document processes via an integration between ADAM Manager and JIRA®.

Search and analytics

Increase the research and analysis capacity of your documentary resources
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