ADAM Manager offers a module that makes use of your existing logistics data by adding value to your S1000D document collections and optimizing the document process.

The LOGISTICS module transfers existing
information from the process and upstream support analysis activities into your Task or IPD data modules.


The LOGISTICS data that are targeted in this process are mainly those related to the support elements necessary for maintenance tasks, such as tools, time required for operations, macroscopic steps of the task, required personnel, etc.

The LOGISTICS elements retrieved are also used to build data modules like IPD-type (catalogs) automatically.

The LOGISTICS module can handle data in a standardized format such as S3000L or adapt to handle a proprietary Excel-type format in the same way.

Using a format like S3000L, it is possible, without extra development work, to provide basic and comprehensive support for simple information processing.


The general philosophy of the logistics interface module is to implement the following main processes:

  • A logistics information extraction process (adaptable for proprietary formats)
  • An impact analysis process against the CSDB’s document base.
  • A process for generating actions (creating, updating, deleting) to be carried out according to the impacts of the analyzed data.
  • A process for performing all the identified actions.

The user can view the action and the content of the update before the CSDB impact process is initiated.

The application provides the following settings:

  • Validation on input data with XSL or Schematron sheets.
  • Extraction of input data using XQUERY to convert to the pivot format in data unit.
  • Processing of DMs in accordance with their content type; DMs are updated with information (data units) from logistics.
  • Configuration of DM models and data units..

When importing from S3000L exchange data, the module is based
on the «Task to Proceed» and «Part to IPD» model.

Integrate your Logistics data into your projects

Other features

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