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The ADAM Document Workshop allows you to produce, manage, publish and distribute your technical documentation.
It adapts easily to your PLM tools via a configuration or an API to create, manage and enhance data in S1000D, S2000M, S3000L, ATA2300 or your standard format.

ADAM Suite is a product of 4D Concept, expert in document engineering.

30 years
of experience
15 years of customer loyalty on average
million euros ROI
years of experience of project managers on average
contributions to the S1000D user forum

Our ADAM suite



ADAM Author supports authors in the creation of content and guides users in the perfect application of documentary standards.


ADAM 3D Plugin is a connector that optimises the document process by assisting content authoring through the automatic analysis of 3D animations created in Catia Composer.


ADAM Manager is a CSDB S1000D/ATA2300 with a multitude of tools and features to simplify all routine actions and project management.


ADAM Publisher is a module for cross-media publishing of S1000D or ATA2300 standard data. PDF, HTML, XML, ePUB3, nothing stands in its way.

Data checking

ADAM Data Checker automates all the checks to be carried out on the data to be delivered according to BREX, or other validation methods (SCHEMATRON, XSD, DTD, etc.)


ADAM Viewer provides your customers with a unique experience of browsing and viewing your systems’ technical documentation from anywhere, at any time.

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