The strength of MAT 10000 for ground vehicles

MAT 10000, the ground forces vehicle support publication format.

Know the users and their objectives

What is the role of a land armored vehicle maintenance professional for the French Army?

The Operational Equipment Maintenance of ground vehicles is carried out by experts. They are responsible for keeping armored vehicles in perfect working condition for field missions.

This includes repairing all mechanical and electronic failures, regular maintenance, and preventive measures against breakdowns.

Their work also involves checking and replacing worn or damaged parts and conducting performance tests to ensure the vehicle is ready for action.

These professionals work closely with armored vehicle crews to understand their needs and help them maintain their equipment at all times.

Their primary goal is to ensure that armored vehicles are operational and safe at all times for the soldiers in the field.

How does MAT 10000 fit into support operations?

A maintenance professional for armored vehicles in the French Army is well-acquainted with the MAT 10000 standard.

This standard encompasses guidelines published for maintenance activities of Defense equipment.

The MAT 10000 standard outlines requirements for quality, safety, reliability, and performance in Defense equipment maintenance activities, including armored vehicles.

Military personnel are trained to follow the procedures described in this standard to ensure that armored vehicles are maintained in compliance with the requirements of the French Army.

The MAT 10000 in Practical Terms

The MAT 10000 is a standard developed by SIMMT (department of the French army in charge of the maintenance of grounded forces materials) for the documentation (DTU and DTE) of materials for the French Army. The MAT 10000 is composed of several series: MAT 10001, MAT 10002, MAT 10003, MAT 10006, MAT 10007, MAT 10009, MAT 10012, and MAT 10013, which allow specifying:

  • How to develop various types of documentation (Implementation Documentation, Maintenance Documentation, Refueling Documentation, etc.).
  • The implementation of the Army’s document consultation system.
  • The data dictionary.
  • The production and distribution of media.
  • The exchange of information among all support stakeholders.

The MAT 10000 strongly references the S1000D standard:

  • Modular content authoring.
  • Use of a CSDB to centralize data.
  • Provision of an electronic viewer for document consultation.

The MAT10000 is tailored to provide precise and clear instructions to users of PDF-format manuals. Navigation within the document is facilitated by numbering rules, pagination, and the inclusion of illustrations.

Synoptic diagrams and safety messages must be unambiguous regarding the content of each type of manual.

ADAM SUITE and the MAT 10000

The “LAYOUT PDF MAT10000 ADAM” complies with the indications and rules of MAT 10002. However, depending on equipment and the end client’s requirements, MAT10000 instructions are open to customization.

This customization is done upon request.

Customization is further simplified as ADAM SUITE offers its ADAM Publisher publication module, capable of seamlessly and highly efficiently chaining transformations.

This type of publication model (LAYOUT) is intended for materials used by the French Army. One of the key features of the MAT 10000 concerns the organization of PMs (Publication Modules), which allows, for example, indicating the exact location of elements within the manual. Thus, the PM serves as the basis for generating tables of contents, lists of illustrations, Data Module lists, and much more.

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