Data Checker
Data Checker

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ADAM Data checker is a verification and validation tool.

Optimize information exchanges with your suppliers!

Supporting complex sustems requires the exchange of large, voluminous, and (S1000D & ATA2300) standardized chunks of data with your suppliers and business partners.

ADAM Data Checker is an online parsing service that automates the long and costly steps of data controls (lots of technical documentation, texts, images, …).

You can define your own acceptance criteria and integrate them as an approval plan in the system: the system will then confirm or refuse the uploaded supplier data in a few clicks.

XML data parser, for who?

There are three types of user that can interact with the system:

  • You can define users to manage the configuration of the approval plans and the access of external contributors.
  • You suppliers access an online service, authenticate and submit the chunks of data that they want checked.
  • You S1000D & ATA2300 authors and managers enjoy the same quality control checking service for their data chunks.
Data Checker

Strong points

ADAM Data Checker allows you to:

  • Submit their technical data for approval
  • Select the approval plan to use
  • View errors in an HTML report
  • View XML S1000D documents in HTML

ADAM Data Checker proposes the following approval methods:

  • Brex (Business Rules EXchange)
  • XSD
  • DTD
  • Java Rules
  • CGM – You can integrate an approval module associated with Metacheck
Data Checker

Main features

  • Data to be analysed (jobs)

  • Validation plan

  • XSD, Brex and Schematron validation engines

  • Validation report

  • Indicators of global validity, indicators by document or by constraints


  • Extraction of results to a CSV file

  • User account management

  • Feature management by profile

  • Opening up of web services to integrators to drive the application (validation can be activated by your application)