Document Audits Towards Better Change Management.

Whatever your reasons may be, adopting the ADAM suite is always part of a desire to evolve. Whether you are looking to go from unstructured writing to S1000D standardized documentation, to audit your documentation practices, or simply to optimize your document production processes, a transition strategy must be implemented.

Involving managers and users, the audit procedures are essential to make sure everyone is on board. They receive specific attention from the experts and consultants at 4D Concept.

As part of the implementation of a new editorial system, 4D CONCEPT offers an auditing phase where the functional needs of their clients are analyzed. Because human beings are at the heart of document production, our document audit method largely relies on human diagnosis to understand and tailor our approach to each project. This groundwork also underlines how skilled future users are and makes it possible to implement the best communication channels and to arrange relevant training and/or coaching.

Our auditors report on the best course of action to take to optimize the production of working papers and audit engagement and skills.

Guaranteeing a Tailored Roll Out

An in-depth analysis of the environment and specific needs for each project allows us to offer a completely tailored approach in terms of integration within your digital ecosystem, your publication channels, and your working papers.

Applying the AGILE and DEVOPS approaches, our teams are also able to deliver custom-made functionalities to better suit your needs and to guarantee your return on investment when implementing ADAM.