In 2015, Nexter and Krauss Maffei Wegmann (KMW), system integrators of the Leclerc tank and the Leopard tank respectively, joined forces within KNDS to become the European leader in land defense. This consolidation combined the strengths and know-how of the two groups to better meet the needs of the French and German armies and address export markets in the face of increasingly active competition.

As the French leader in land defense and a benchmark munitions manufacturer, Nexter brings together the French and European DIB around major programs to enable armies to meet the challenges of land combat. In France, Nexter is fully mobilized to meet the objectives of the SCORPION program, through the production of the VBMR GRIFFON (a multi-role armored vehicle) and EBRC JAGUAR (an armored reconnaissance and combat vehicle) within a temporary grouping of companies (Nexter, Arquus, Thales) as well as developing the VBMR Light SERVAL and renovating the Leclerc tank. As a signatory to the MCO-T charter, Nexter’s ambition is to support the French Army in the maintenance of SCORPION equipment throughout its life cycle.

4D CONCEPT is the French reference in software publishing related to the life cycle of technical documents and information.

ADAM SUITE is the spearhead of 4D CONCEPT’s publishing offerings integrating the automation and rules of the S1000D, S3000L and S2000M standards. ADAM SUITE is one of the only document workshops that offer full adherence to the digital production chain from the use of 3D to the availability of publications and data in a Class 4 IETM.

In order to modernize its document production, NEXTER benchmarked the different software packages and solutions available on the European market in 2021.

When relying on a standard IT product (COTS software), it is necessary to stabilize its development, maintenance and have the support of its publisher.

Choosing a document solution means opting for a trusted partner who can address the land defense market. 4D CONCEPT has proven itself with the main high-technology naval, aeronautical, electronic and land equipment manufacturers. This industry recognition, the quality of its expertise, and the attentiveness of its sales department were key factors that guided NEXTER’s choice.

Simplicity of use and a wealth of features

ADAM SUITE is a 100% software solution, completely disruptive compared to many of its competitors who fill functional gaps by adding services or specific developments, without any interface for the end user. It is this immediate operationality of the software that was a key element in its selection by NEXTER.

By covering all the needs expressed, ADAM SUITE enabled NEXTER to focus on completing its plans to modernize the technical information for the maintenance in operational condition of its systems, which are used under severe conditions over several decades. This required the ability to respond to all support needs over that same period: availability of replacement parts, equipment repairs, updating of training, employment and maintenance documentation, consulting, and so on. All of these services were offered in order to meet the current and future needs of French and foreign armies.
Whether it is to meet the immediate requirements of the Scorpion program, the development of new robotic systems or the migration of old programs, ADAM SUITE has the capacity to respond to all scenarios.

Data centralization, collaborative production steps, simplicity of batch processing, profile filter settings, previews and publication automation, all these features are offered as reassurances and options in support of information production tasks.

A partner for international development

In addition to its compatibility with normative requirements, its ambitious roadmap, and its ability to integrate with NEXTER’s information system, ADAM SUITE provides production with full support for alphabets catering to a broad range of foreign languages.
4D CONCEPT natively designed and developed its software around the most advanced technologies and with an international reach as a keystone.

NEXTER is a European player that exports with great success and the documentation providing the system and equipment support must not in any way constitute a sticking point or a stumbling block to its international development. The choice of ADAM SUITE also supported this business differentiator.

A rich roadmap

4D CONCEPT proposes multiple development options to its customers, and for NEXTER, the final criterion was to know that the tool chosen could evolve in a way that corresponded to its operational strategy, which would help to better manage future projects.

Today, 4D CONCEPT’s efforts are based on:

  • improving digital continuity with production and delivery as close as possible to the information from logistics
  • using 3D to automatically generate content
  • integrating enrichment for augmented reality or mixed reality
  • extending the capacity and scope of the CSDB by optimizing the support of illustrations
  • supporting animations and videos, their volume and enrichment
  • and much more yet to be discovered

4D CONCEPT is very proud to count NEXTER among its customers, a new customer reference that allows it to consolidate ADAM SUITE’s industry recognition in the land defense sector.


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