New in S3000L with ADAM Logistics

What advantages does ADAM Logistics provide?

ADAM Logistics covers the interface between Logistics Support Analysis and the functional areas of Integrated Logistics Support including supply support (S2000M), technical data services, special tools or test equipment or training. It should be noted that activities such as technical documentation or material management are described in detail in other specifications (S1000D and S2000M) and these are outside the scope of S3000L.

ADAM Logistics is the ADAM SUITE module that translates the data from the ASL and updates the technical resources in the Data Modules.

1 The first advantage of ADAM Logistics is its ability to secure the interface between the S3000L and the S1000D thanks to its integration in the ADAM SUITE. It is by removing all export and import operations traditionally done manually in spreadsheets that ADAM Logistics safeguards your data processing.

2 The second advantage is found in increasing the quality of publications by applying incremental changes in procedures, tools, spare parts. It means having the right information updated in the right place following the relevant Business Rules.

3 The third advantage consists of accelerating the update cycles of very large volumes of documents by automating the application of changes to document modules. Identification and verification of document impacts are available for better management of updates.

4 The fourth advantage provided by ADAM Logistics is that it leads to a strong reduction in the cost of documentation projects. Just like the rest of the ADAM SUITE, we have put a special focus on simplifying the usability and automating as many tasks as possible.

5 The fifth advantage is that ADAM Logistics accepts in import any type of XML structure, even if the format is different from the S3000L specification. 4D Concept is then able to help you integrate your own data because we know that not all technologies integrating logistics data are standardized and based on S3000L.

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