ADAM SUITE: a new module to extend the possibilities.

ADAM S1000D 2.3

As all documentation engineering and support professionals know, each program is specified according to the standards and norms in force at the time of its design.

These complex systems, such as aircraft, ships, or land vehicles, are programmed for operation over a very long life.

The 4D CONCEPT documentation systems in charge of managing the technical documentation of these programs are designed to be operational for the life of the programs.

Thus, several versions of ASD/AIA standards and specifications are still in use by systems manufacturers, equipment manufacturers and their customers. And for each standard, there is often a set of tools dedicated to the production and updating of technical publications, in other words, the documentary workshop.

ADAM SUITE is equivalent to several documentary workshops

We are convinced that it is essential to avoid multiplying the different documentary solutionsand to move towards a documentary workshop that can include the different versions of the ASD S1000D.

Our new ADAM SUITE module version 2.3 and 2.3.1:

  • Allows you to continue to use old programs “as is”.
  • Prepares the migration of programs to versions 4.x and 5.x when they are updated.
  • Centralizes a maximum number of programs in a single ADAM SUITE documentary workshop.
  • Takes advantage of ADAM SUITE’s features, from editing to automatic publishing to the ADAM Viewer.

Come and discover the many benefits of our ADAM SUITE documentary workshop.

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