ADAM and JIRA® : Performance has its pilot

Authoring work, whether done in-house or increasingly outsourced, represents a significant cost that offshoring tends to reduce. On the other hand, it is becoming necessary to manage the activity more closely, to guarantee both the quality and efficiency of the actions carried out.

Document Project Management

The documentation process is often long and strewn with validation, proofreading, translation and back-and-forth steps that contribute to the ever-increasing complexity of project and resource management, especially human resource management. It follows that one of the key ways to make a project efficient and effective is essentially to optimize and coordinate the different actions and participants.

Visualizing the phases of a project and monitoring their progress is the crucial part of a project manager’s dashboard, because it is the basis for guiding all the project participants and service providers throughout the phases of authoring, proofreading, validation, correction, illustration, formatting, editing and publication. This is why project management tools, including JIRA®, have become increasingly popular in recent years.

JIRA® is a powerful project management tool. Considered as the n°1 solution for managing in AGILE or KANBAN mode, it is based on simple and proven methods for facilitating the tasks of all the members of a team, whether internal, nearshore or offshore. It is especially used in the world of software development, as its structure also makes it an ideal tool for any type of complex project, involving a greater or lesser number of participants.

On the strength of its experience both in AGILE management and as a long-time user of JIRA®, 4D Concept now offers all ADAM users the possibility of controlling their document process through the integration between ADAM Manager et JIRA®.

Unity of actions

This new functionality makes it possible above all to ensure the overall unity of actions carried out in a documentation project. It strengthens ADAM Manager‘s capabilities by adding a recognized and efficient project management tool.

As a result, there are no more duplicate actions; the validation of a step or task in one updates the other so you can quickly view the progress of a project and optimize its management.

Save time

The connection between ADAM Manager and JIRA® saves time by making exchanges and the sequencing of tasks more fluid. It facilitates the management of documentary projects in AGILE or KANBAN mode, and strengthens the hand of project managers to bring their projects to successful conclusions. Viewing resources is instantaneous, and decisions are more relevant. This leads to a significant gain in productivity.