S1000D Standard: Why Choose ADAM ?

Find out about the many advantages of our ASD, ATA, and S1000D standard in our cross-media documentation workshop.

Reasons to Choose the ADAM Suite and the S1000D standard

4D Concept specializes in electronic documentation and technical content management. They developed the ADAM suite to support and improve the technical documentation production process at every step of its creation and validation.

The ADAM suite offers all the building blocks that come into play during the lifecycle of a technical publication project, supporting the S1000D standard.

Leading Experts

The experts at 4D Concept are part of a team that offers long-term support. The project managers, the consultants, the program managers, the developers gain their clients’ trust by supporting them over the years, throughout the implementation and the evolution of their documentation platform.

Plug and Play

The ADAM suite is designed to be entirely operational within a very limited timeframe, be it on your own file system or as a hosted offer.

The ADAM suite is preconfigured and contains all the elements necessary to import, write, manage, validate, publish, and deliver your documentation in accordance with the S1000D standard.

Innovative, Robust, and Secure

Much attention has been given to on-board technology in the ADAM suite: time-tested architectures, Frameworks known for their stability, and a DEVOPS approach ensure the implementation of an effective follow-up, control, and reviewing system as well as the development traceability.

In terms of security, ADAM passed its vulnerability assessment with flying colors, obtaining a score of 8 out of 10, where the majority of other solutions only get a 6 out of 10

User friendly

The interfaces in the ADAM suite are designed to ensure the comfort of the users. Sleek and embarking all the latest solutions to reduce the number of clicks and drag and drops, the ADAM suite takes user-friendliness to the next level to allow for almost training free use.

Users also benefit from several assistants, which have become essential to daily activity. They were made possible through the adoption of the S1000D standard. Continuously present to make the writing task easier, these support features address CIR, the implementation of applicabilities, image hotspot preview, real-time control over BREX and schema, and, of course, HTML and PDF preview. The solution also features many more data modules.

Shared/Distributed Architecture

Since its inception, the ADAM suite has been undergoing constant changes dictated by increasing requests from its users. Continuously improved in terms of performance and reliability, ADAM saw several complete redesigns of its architecture in order to bring new services to the users and to make it possible to distribute the solution over several servers based on individual needs. Thus, indexing, publication, international specification, analysis, and many more features contribute to the expansion of this approach.

Interconnectable et Communicating

One of the main strengths of the ADAM suite resides in its openness to the outside world thanks to many APIs which are constantly being enhanced.

Thus, if you have a technological microcosm within which the ADAM suite should be integrated, it will be able to interface with all your applications using a RESTFULL-type Web Service, a well-tried technology.

End to End Solution

The ADAM suite has all the building blocks necessary to see a S1000D standard documentation project through. ADAM covers the various steps to recover an existing project (import/control phase), to write and oversee it (development, writing, and validation phases), to publish it as a PDF (PDF/HTML document generation phase), to deliver it (export and deliverable creation phase) and to allow perusal (documentation viewing phase).

S1000D Standard Compliance

A guiding principle in the ADAM suite, ATA 2300 and S1000D standard compliance is one of 4D Concept’s main concerns.

By relying entirely on DTD XML formats, the ADAM suite observes standard guidelines to the letter. It doesn’t manipulate proprietary formats in order to ensure its sustainability or to apply a privacy policy independently.