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With the S1000D authoring software ADAM Author, you can write any technical publication according to S100D and ATA2300 standards quickly and easily.

ADAM Author allows you to write rich, well-structured, and modular technical documents. The S1000D and ATA2300 XML editor ADAM Author is an authoring tool designed to provide technical manual specialists with a simple, user-friendly content writing solution. Technical documentation writing becomes easy and intuitive regardless of your area of expertise, with a level of comfort on par with that of traditional text editors.

ADAM Author: A Configurable & Open (API) XML Editing and S1000D Authoring Software

ADAM Author is a “tagless” S1000D XML writing tool developed for the subtleties of technical English. Based on a robust, API-open engine, it can be configured to meet the specific needs of your profession. This means that, technical publications can be created using the editorial structure or DTD of your choice. Paired with the content management system ADAM Manager, the S1000D authoring software ADAM Author allows you to substantially increase your production capacity, to minimise writing errors and to greatly improve the overall quality of your documentation so you can focus on the what truly matters – content.



Strong points

ADAM Author: A Highly Configurable XML S1000D Authoring Software

The simplicity of the Drag’n Drop functionality and contextual toolbars makes structure publication a straightforward and transparent process. Much more than just a S1000D and ATA2300 XML editor, ADAM Author boasts many innovative authoring tools to promote better productivity. A simplified technical writing assistant that lets you turn your technical data into compelling documentation. Technical authors benefit from an extensive Common Source Data Base (CSDB) to answer even their most specific needs.

The S1000D authoring software ADAM Author is the fruit of our software development teams’ research and experience in the field of ASD S1000D technical publication standards. Designed for the needs of aircraft maintenance and defence specialists, ADAM Author observes the highest standards in terms of quality, traceability, and configuration management.

User-Friendly Advanced Editing features

The S1000D authoring software ADAM Author observes the following ergonomic principles:

  • CSS stylesheet for tagless customised or WYSIWYG display
  • “Business” toolbar
  • Optional Widgets displayed on a second screen to handle the main text creation functions
  • Drag’n Drop from the Widgets
  • Constant validity monitoring of XML or business rules through the “Business Rules” function
  • Autonomous online or offline mode, supporting any teamwork configuration



The Main Functionalities of the ADAM Author XML S1000D Authoring Software

  • Dedicated S1000D, ATA2300 toolbar

  • Structured copy-paste from Word

  • Quick, error-free reference creation: Drag & Drop


  • Real-time BREX support and validation

  • Wysiwyg XML, tagless editor, PDF preview

  • ADAM Manager (CSDB)-connected search interface

  • Full text and metadata search and filtering

  • S1000D and ATA2300-dedicated Widget and Assistant

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