From 3 to 6 trainees maximum per session

3 days (2 days possible)


Understand and list the specifications of the standard in a civil aeronautical document project




Anyone working in operational aeronautical documentation.


  • Understand the logical structuring of the documentation required by the ATA 2200 standard and facilitate project start-up as part of a specific aircraft program.
  • Presentation of the main types of applicable documents: AMMs, CMMs and SBs.
  • Overall structure of documents (DTD structure)
  • Dividing into maintenance tasks and subtasks
  • Nesting elements: typical construction

The exercises carried out as necessary using a structured editing tool. They make it possible both to become familiar with the basic functions of the editing tool and to write documents in accordance with the ATA 2200 DTDs (CMM and SB). This practical training includes:

  • Analysis of documents already drafted in accordance with ATA 2200
  • Overall approach for the drafting of the CMM and SB
  • Choice of specific elements
  • Codification of information: Task, Subtask, Graphics and Tables
  • Validation of documents

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