From 3 to 6 trainees maximum per session

3 jours (possibilité 2 jours)


Become fully operational in S1000D!


Pratique de l’outil informatique souhaitée (Word, OpenOffice).


Documentation managers, product managers, technical writers, anyone who needs to produce S1000D-standardized documents


  • The challenges of documentation in the digital age
  • Structured documentation
  • Modular documentation
  • Principles of XML markup
  • Principles of DTDs and schemas
  • XPath, XSLT, XSL-FO
  • Publishing XML
  • Brief history
  • S1000D among the ASD standards
  • Organization
  • Principles
  • Data Module & Identification
  • Illustrations
  • Main types of DM (Procedure, Description, IPD, Container, CIR)
  • Publication Modules
  • Applicability
  • BREX
  • CSDB
  • Versions and languages
  • Production management: metadata, workflow
  • Descriptions
  • Procedures
  • Container & Alternates
  • IPD
  • PM
  • Delivery in v4.1: DME, CMP (DDN, DML)
  • DM ACT/CCT/PCT and CIR applicability
  • Management of SB by CCT
  • SCORM compatibility: schemas & DMC Learning

Questions and answers session with the trainer

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